Elaine Moreno—Photographer




Elaine Moreno is a Bay Area native whose work primarily represents Latine
and Bay Area culture through editorial and documentary photography. Her mission is to stay connected to her local community by working in creative spaces, and collaborating with local galleries and non profit foundations. For Elaine, creating art is a crucial form of feeling free and alive, especially in a world where BIPOC people need to be uplifted. 

Art has given Elaine the ability to understand and empathize with the human experience across cultures and backgrounds, eager to discover new ways to contribute to her community so that she can eventually work with artists to help them follow their own creative ideas and hearts, no matter what it takes. Her dream is to mentor and establish a creative art space for youth in the Bay area that also promotes social awareness to the community.

   Photo taken on Ohlone Land by Stef Sandoval @95.stef

Contacts: elainemoreno.photography@gmail.com or Instagram